Stakeholder’s Mapping ROMA PLATFORM 2020 project (WP2)


Through the ROMA PLATFORM 2020 program (GA 101008467), which ended on 31.05.2023, it was possible to carry out a mapping of the institutions and services that can be provided to the Roma population at national level and to publicize relevant stakeholders where the services they provide contribute to the Roma inclusion.

The purpose of the specific action was to create an evaluation tool with the aim of contributing to targeted interventions according to the new National Roma Inclusion Strategy.

The mapping tool offers access to persons to find all the stakeholders that have completed the online tool, seeing at the same time their contact details, but also the actions and services they offer and the areas where they operate. Also, the user can find good practices that are carried out.

All the information is in an electronic database where it is displayed by categories and by object of actions they provide on the site:

The categories of organizations that emerged during the mapping are Civil Society Organizations that provide services to all target groups, including the Roma population, Organizations that provide services for Roma, Organizations that provide more targeted services in areas such as health, mediation, education, defense of rights, Associations working for the Roma population and Public Bodies ,as well as Roma branches and community centers that offer their services to the Roma population.

Mapping is a dynamic tool with the aim of informing for all the organizations that provide support services to the Roma population, thus contributing  for the latest to their empowerment and increasing their participation in all levels of public administration.

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